Union Secure.Pay 
The First and Only
Real-Time Payment Gateway 
in the Country

Union Secure.Pay enables electronic payments between trading partners in an online, real-time and secured environment. It combines the power of the Internet and the convenience of advanced electronic banking.


Registered users pass through a security firewall and have to comply with their authorization level in doing any transaction. Further, authorized users can view adequate audit trails and monitor their transactions.


With this facility in place, our Corporate Customers will be able to electronically settle payments for billings/invoices presented to them at the Merchantís website.

Union eipp 
The First Electronic Invoice Presentment service in the Philippines

Union eipp (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) is a secure online application that manages collections and disbursements between members of a private business community.  It uses both the Internet and the Intranet technologies to process electronic payment instructions received from the Merchantís Corporate Customers through a secure communication network. Users go through several levels of validation and only registered corporate entities will be able to log-on to the system.

 With this facility, the Merchantís Corporate Customers will be able to view their outstanding payables online and initiate payments to the Merchant through online (electronic fund transfers) and/or offline (over-the-counter payments) mechanisms. Because UnionBank provides the infrastructure, the Merchant need not invest in web or EDI technology.